One of the most common error we face while we are uploading a theme to our WordPress CMS. This can happen due to number of actions that we may not have perform accordingly, therefore, facing an error about Theme is missing Style.css Stylesheet Error.


A common issue that occurs during WordPress themes installation is “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” is displayed while installing a certain theme.


How To Fix Theme StyleSheet Error

Theme installation ErrorThe above error comes due to following reasons:

  • Either your server’s memory limit to PHP is too low (most common cause).
  • Or if, you are trying to upload the Full zip file that you downloaded form theme provider website & not just the installable theme file that is another .zip file inside the whole downloaded file (please refer to the guide on installing your theme).
  • Else, the upload limit set on your server isn’t enough so you must update your PHP.INI file by increasing the ‘upload_max_filesize’ value.
  • If still the error remians, then you must contact your hosting provider & ask him to fix it.

Alternative Method to install a Wp theme:

In order to install WordPress theme apart from dashboard, you may use filleZilla (An FTP server). Separate your theme file (which will be in .zip format inside the whole downloaded file from theme provider website). You will need to extract that again.

1. First, access your hosting server using an ftp client server like FileZilla.
2. After Logging in, go to the  folder ‘wp-content/themes’ of your WordPress database.
3. Select the  'theme-name' folder from your local drive & put in ‘wp-content/themes/’ folder located on your server side.
4. The theme is installed! Now, login to your WordPress, go to admin area & change the theme.
5. Now in order to activate the theme, go to ‘WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes‘ section and activate the required theme.

That’s it! You’re all set and ready to go 🙂